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Click the link above to apply for a veteran's gift code. Your name, service date, branch and email is all we need.

We'll send you a gift account code to open your free account. It's that easy.

We do this first to give thanks.
Our company set out to make software to capture people's stories. Yours is more important to us than most.

It helps us, too, because you can invite friends and family in to help you write (what we call collaborators). Some of these might want their own meography
® accounts. That, and book sales, can help our company grow.
Veterans write for free.
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For our purposes, a veteran is anyone who is serving, or has served, in the military:
A lot of us consider writing a book. Or someone tells us we should. But it's just too big for most people to tackle.

We've made it easy.

Answer some questions and we put it all together and publish your book.

You may think it's not that big a deal...but your family--especially your kids and grandkids--will treasure it.
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